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Welcome to Greene Leafe. We are an on-line dress design studio based  
in Virginia committed to producing dresses keeping in mind a simple principle:
the clothes we produce must not harm the body.

This principle stems from recognizing that the clothes we wear are ultimately
worn to protect our bodies and our selves. Clothes assist the skin in keeping
out toxins in the environment, shielding the body from the elements, protecting
our bodies in a safe cocoon that surrounds us.

Clothing must protect our skin and our body but it must also allow the skin to
breathe and allow the body to function optimally. Moreover, the clothing itself
should not harm the body. At Greene Leafe, we focus on garment construction
techniques that produce exceptionally comfortable garments.

We recognize the need in many women's lives for distinctive dresses which are
well made, bear the stamp of artisanal craftsmanship and attention to detail
while also being a pleasure to wear. Greene Leafe was created to fill this
niche. We cater to women who would like to have a unique dress made
exclusively for them that also enhances their physical well-being.  

As our customer, we will work closely with you to produce individual dresses
produced according to fabrications and details you specify.

There are two methods to create a custom dress here at Greene Leafe:

1) Place an order for a dress you see in our Design Catalog,

2) Commission us to make a dress exclusively for you. 

The choice is up to you. We have broken up the dress making process into
distinct phases and products. In addition, some services are available for a la
carte purchase. You have the freedom to decide exactly which services you
want to pay for. Please be aware that our consultation and labor fees are
not refundable. Contact us to initiate a conversation about selecting a 
service package that is right for you. We accept Visa and Mastercard via
Paypal Payment Processing (Paypal Membership is not required).


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